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Destination: Full Night's Sleep is the only game that tests your knowledge of Ambien, sleep therapy and sleep trivia.
An entertaining trivia game for sales representatives to detail the sleeping drug Ambien.
Created in Macromedia Director, Cinema4DXL and After Effects.
It contains over 30 3D animated sequences, 70 random questions in 4 categories.

Storyboard of game progression. Click on thumbnail for larger image

Below are some of the animated sequences for correct and incorrect answers during gameplay.
Click on thumbnail below to view Quicktime movie in a new window.

I think I can... Simone jumps for joy Spaghetti tracks Oh no! Crossing sign
400 x 200 (936K) 400 x 200 (492K) 400 x 200 (664K) 400 x 200 (628K)
Simone shovels Track closed Simone punches ticket Hat blows
400 x 200 (492K) 400 x 200 (588K) 400 x 200 (576K) 400 x 200 (492K)

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